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Monday, June 18, 2007

WIP status

Ok, I've been neglecting my blog! I have been stitching a bit, though.

On my Picnic Hampered! from Kathy Fenchel, I've been stitching daylilies and the blanket, and have also finished covering the plastic washer that's going to become a tire swing. Remember how the tree is one of my goals for the month? Well, I haven't been working on that! :-)

Last Thursday I picked up a really cool thread from the LNS that will make a great rope for the tire swing. It's from Rainbow Gallery, and is one from their Backgrounds line. Ok, I actually picked up two: BG3, or "Natural Flax", is what I'm thinking of using for the rope. It's shown on the right in this picture. I also picked up "Natural Linen" (or BG4) which might make great dry grass on the right piece! (And yes, I realize that linen is made from flax, and that calling one thread "linen" and the other "flax" doesn't make much sense, but I didn't name them! :-) )

I realized late last week that my two Goldwork Heart GCCs are due at the end of this month! I checked with the other members of the classes, and nobody else wants to turn theirs in for critique. So, I contacted the teacher (Michele Roberts), and she granted me an extension until mid-August. With this hanging over my head and other GCCs waiting in the wings, I decided to put the picnic away and work on Goldwork Heart II.

If you recall, I've already finished Goldwork Heart I, and, as of Saturday morning, had the background done on Goldwork Heart II. Saturday night I padded the heart with felt and got the outside row of couching laid in. On Sunday, I finished the rows of couching the pearl purl (see this post about goldwork threads), and started filling in the outer-most section. It was amazing how much was accomplished in about 5 hours total!

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