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Saturday, February 27, 2010

A right-handed stitcher, stitching left-handed

(Updated to make the picture clickable!)

Thanks for all of the well-wishes on my carpal tunnel surgery. I'm now back to typing with both hands, but I can't lift anything heavy (as in >1 pound) or do much grasping or pulling with my right (dominant) hand.

As a result, I'm obviously slightly challenged in the stitching department! This situation rules out:

  • Anything that requires the use of a laying tool – and I use a laying tool for everything that calls for more than one strand.
  • Anything done in hand. (Thank goodness for my handy Elan lap stand!)
  • Anything with less than tight tension on the ground fabric, since my left hand isn’t as sensitive to stitch tension.
  • Any fancy stitches that require manipulation of the thread and needle separately.
This means that all of my canvas projects are on hold, as well as all of the in-hand stuff I was avoiding due to the carpal tunnel, and complicated areas on samplers.

What’s left?

Well, I guess I could read a couple of books that showed up in the mail last week (Samplers by Rebecca Scott and Stumpwork Medieval Flora by Jane Nicholas). I do want to write up reviews on each of these soon, but I want to stitch, too! So I’ll be picking up these books in between stitching sessions for the next week or so.

I tried to work on Hannah Thornbush, since the section in progress is a simple stitch in one strand. Unfortunately, I discovered that the Soie de Paris used on this piece (a very loosely twisted filament silk) wouldn’t  cooperate with my winter-rough skin. Even a sugar scrub wouldn’t help.

Back to the WIP pile. Oh, how about this? It’s my affectionately-nicknamed Ninja Squirrel Sampler. Mostly just simple cross stitch with one strand of twisted silk. That will work, especially since I recently laced the very limp linen to the sides of the scroll frame, so linen is now fairly tight, which lets me get decent stitch tension even with my “dumb” left hand.

Even with one hand, I’m slowly making progress on this piece.

I have a feeling I might want to work on something else soon, though. Does anyone see any candidates in my WIP list?


Beth in IL said...

Hope you heal up soon! Would love to see your WIP pile. I don't dare show mine! And where is a picture of that little one?

~ Stitchin Sweet Sue ~ said...

Hey Jeanne, rest your wrist girl, just have S.E.X.! Sugar scrub was no help for me either. I'm slathering on Bag Balm or Eucerin Aquaphor Healing Ointment and wearing cotton gloves to bed every night, it helps a great deal, but must not forget a single night or I become ~ yikes ~ AlligatorWoman:)

Susan said...

Loved going through your WIPs again (I really enjoyed these posts the first time around!). I think the only candidate to fit your current situation is the Blackwork Sampler, and maybe the MLI angel. Sending good thoughts your way that you'll be up to full stitching speed soon.

Elmsley Rose said...

You poor sweetie!
What is the prognisis for the carpel tunnel? You WILL be getting back to normal at some point, won't you??
(Excuse me not googling to find out myself but just out of bed briefly)

Katrina said...

Pretty sampler! I can't believe you are stitching wrong handed. Hope you hand heals quickly.

Donna said...

I have a friend who had to stitch left handed for a few months. She stitched an entire Shepherd's Bush stocking. That was a pretty impressive feat.

Good luck finding what works for you.

Edy said...

As Susan said, it looks to me as if the BW sampler would work for you left handed.
How goes it with Erin?
Is Jeanne home from OH yet?
Feel better and heal quickly!

Front Range Stitcher said...

I always enjoy your posts but this was especially fun! Thanks for all the tips and links to fun stuff.

SilkLover said...

Glad to hear you are healing from your surgery. Hannah Thornbush is a beautiful sampler. I just missed the sign up for the class. Anyway, heal well!

SilkLover said...

Oh, hand lotion works well for rough habds when using silk. Your LNS should hbe able to direct you in the right direction.