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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Yes, I’m here.

You know it’s been waaaaayyyy too long since posting on your blog when you actually get snail mail asking if everything’s OK. (Thanks, Edy!)

Yes, things are still chugging along here. Things just got a bit hectic heading into the holidays, and I actually wasn’t stitching much for a few weeks.

Then, after the holidays, I did start stitching again, and have just been enjoying that, to the detriment of this blog.

I have, however, been taking pictures along the way, so I do have stitching to share in upcoming posts. Hopefully all of you haven’t gone completely away, and somebody might actually want to see those pictures and listen to (or at least read) my prattling on about these projects.

Thanks again to Edy for pushing me out of my blogging funk! I’ll be back in a few days.


Joanie R. said...

So glad you are OK, I WAS starting to worry about you and your family.
Welcome back to the blogging world.
Joanie R.

Francesca said...

I have just discovered your Blog and have linked into my Blog; I love all your works, happy that you're back !!!!


mskathk said...
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mskathk said...

Corrected version:
Welcome back--
amazing how we readers miss our favorite blogs--
and you're one of them!
(left out the word 'miss'... duh!)

Susan said...

I was thinking about you the other day and wondering if you are OK. I put your absence down to having a toddler. Hope your little cutie has a great day on Saturday (she shares a birthday with my big cutie who will be 25 on the 29th)!

Edy said...

Do we have a two year old in our midst? Happy Birthday to her and Mommy (who afterall had a wee bit to do with it -- and to Daddy too)

So relieved that all is well in Western NY. "See" you soon!

Carolyn said...

Hello, can you tell me how and why flosses or threads are attached to mother-of-pearl rings or floss cards or wooden thread holders like a hornbook or heart with holes around the outside edge to keep the colors separate? I mean, are the threads wound around a stick, i.e., 18 inches long and then cut into appropriate lengths for stitching before being looped onto or into the rings and floss minders? Or are the flosses and threads purchased in such lengths from the shops? I see all of the lovely little threads and needle cases and accessories all over the net and it looks like the lengths are about 18 inches or so. I hope this is not a silly question and that your answer will benefit many others. Thank you for such an informative site!