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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Whitecaps on the Waves

Thanks for the compliments on the start of the center medallion on Ocean Waves. I definitely felt more comfortable by the last section of gold than I did when starting out!

And I’m really glad that designer Judy Souliotis recommended starting with the lower portion of the waves, because the whitecaps were doubly challenging.

For these, the first several rows of couching only went around the upper portion of the whitecaps. The tips of the waves needed to be filled in completely when another row of couched threads wouldn’t be able to fit. (Click on the picture to enlarge, and it should make sense!)

After the first several rows, the couched thread started spiraling in to the center.

A similar process was used on the left side of the waves. (This picture was unfortunately taken with the flash on, so there’s a bit more glare.)

One more post, and the finished Ocean Waves will be revealed. Stay tuned!