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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A girl, her dog, and a BIG flower

Actually, the title should be "A girl, her greyhound, and a REALLY big flower". I've been making good progress with Catherine Theron's Examplar IV. I took breaks from the seemingly-unending yellow basketweave background around the spiral trellis flowers by working on the next few motifs, shown here. I morphed the girl's non-descript dog into a greyhound so it would feel at home here. Ok, so it's either a small greyhound (I refuse to believe it's a whippet!) or the girl is a giant. The backs of my greyhounds come up to my hip, but I didn't have the room to make Ms. Sampler Greyhound that big. If she was tall enough, she would need to be longer, and there just isn't room! I can rationalize this because next to the girl and Ms. SG, the flower is HUGE! In a sampler, it all works! :-)

I've been too tired the last few nights (since I finally finished the yellow background) to concentrate on the spiral trellis stitch, so I've started on the bargello motif. It's nice to see good progress on this piece!


Mary Corbet said...

Wow, Jeanne! This is coming along really nicely! I love this whole project. The colors are fantastic.

You're right. That's a Really Big Flower!

Cyn said...

Hi Jeanne,

That is a really BIG flower! LOL

I like how you personalized the dog and I'm impressed that you did that without a chart or a pattern! I also like the size as if it was bigger, the poor girl would look like she was being attacked by a flower and a dog! :-)

The Bargello is looking very nice. I just love Bargello patterns!

Windy Meadow

donnag said...

I simply love this picture
Your work is so very neat and I love the colors! I am anxious to see the finished work.

Milly~ said...

What a darling piece...big flower and all! : )