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Monday, August 17, 2009

Sampler progress

No, not that sampler, the other one. Since Hannah Thornbush wasn't cooperating with me, I decided to pick up the How Great the Blessing sampler from my recent class with Catherine Theron. I've made some decent progress on it in the last week or so, getting in a little over an hour each night after Erin falls asleep.

The picture on the right is where my Blessing stood after the weekend class. Here's what I've been able to accomplish since then:

Wow! Looking at the older picture makes me realize just how much I've accomplished: the trees up top, the vines at the bottom and the sides (with lots of leaves on one of them), the blue parts of the vases, and an "A". Oh - and the personalization. Yes, I've dated it. I'm hoping that will keep me motivated to finish it this year! :-)

Erin update: As of last Thursday, Erin is on cast #3. This was the scheduled cast change to allow for growth, and she did really well, now that we've figured out what medicines work for her in combination with the anesthesia.

I took a couple of pictures of cast #2 for posterity. In case any of you were wondering about it, here's one. Note the heart cut out of the tummy area. It helps with breathing and digestion, not to mention occasional belly pokes!
One week earlier, Erin came home from Grandma's in a great new outfit. Thanks, Aunt Sharon! It may just be due to Erin's cheering that the Yankees swept the Red Sox starting that day!


NCPat said...

Some days we just have to work on another project! Erin looks very contented and I am glad you are both doing well!

Grandma, aka 'Bama' said...

My daughter's name is Erin; her daughter, Kaitlyn, went through casting for her hips and a helmet to help shape her head. She's 4 now, and just received her final 'clean bill of health' on the hip issues.... I remember how hard it was on my Erin to see her long awaited first born trussed and helmeted. My thoughts are with you as she progresses. Long days; fast years.

Doris said...

Great progress in the sampler.

Erin is look cute with the new outfit.

Kathy A. said...

Oh I love your new sampler. Very pretty.
Great shots of Erin. I love the pink cast and the heart shaped space for her little tummy.
A Yankee's fan. OH MY!!! Go Blue Jays Go! lol

Edy said...

Love the Yankee hat and bib!
Erin looks like she is growing more beautiful by the day.

Oh...your stitching is coming along nicely too!

Anonymous said...

You're making great progress on Catherine's piece! Also, I read your posts about Erin.... It's amazing how she and you seem to be handling all of this. God Bless.

Jeanne - WillowTreeStitcher said...

Looks like good progress to me Jeanne! It's a beautiful sampler. I'm so glad your Erin is progressing alright, she is just so adorable. I'm glad she's too small to remember all the casts when she gets older!

Elmsley Rose said...

What trouble is Hannah causing you?

Erin looks great!

Karoline said...

You've made great progress on your sampler. Glad to hear that Erin is doing well