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Monday, March 15, 2010

Poll Results: Hand Lotions

To conclude the discussion about hand lotions, I'd first like to thank the 63 of you who voted in the poll. (I was the 64th. :-) ) Here's how the voting ended up:

First Place, with 22 votes (34%):
     Udder Cream, from Udderly Smooth

Second Place, with 16 votes (25%):
     moisturize and treat only when not stitching

Third Place, a three-way tie with 5 votes:
     Acid Mantle
     Stitcher's Lotion
     other (please leave a comment!)*

Honorable Mention, with 4 votes:
     Gloves in a Bottle

Runners-up, with one or two votes each:
     Au ver a Soie cream
     none - just drink more water
     St. Ives Whipped Lotion
     Zoom Dry Therapy
     homemade lotion

Only one entry (Skin M.D.) was completely left out. I'll have to find some and try it.

*As for those who voted for "other", only one left a comment (thanks, Pat!), and mentioned Aveda Hand Relief. I'm not sure if this is put on before stitching, or only used when not stitching. Pat, can you please educate us?

Thanks again for voting! By the way, does anyone have other suggestions for polls? What do you want to know about your fellow stitchers?

1 comment:

NCPat said...

Aveda Hand Relief: I use it all day long and since I wash my hands a lot, it stays on for 2-3 washes. I stop using it before I fix dinner, and then stitch after dinner, having probably washed my hands three more times! But, it keeps my hands soft for working with the fibers. Hope that helps!