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Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday Finish: Casalguidi and Lavender

Only I would propose a new series of going through past (and some current) finishes, post only two weeks on that series, and then neglect it for another two weeks. There’s no excuse, but here’s my attempt to resurrect the plan.

Here’s one that’s been done for quite a while.

Design: Casalguidi and Lavender (a retired EGA correspondence course)

Designer: Barbara Kershaw

Technique: Casalguidi (of course!)

Ground fabric: 28(?) ct linen

Threads: pearl cotton

Stitches used: Casalguidi stitch, italian four sided, detached buttonhole, needleweaving, and some neat wrapped stitch that looks like a REALLY long bullion knot (but I didn’t look up what it’s called)

Stitching timeframe: I don’t know. Finished sometime in 2006, I think.

Casalguidi is often stitched white on white or ecru on ecru, but the book Casalguidi Style Linen Embroidery by Effie Mitrofanis (now MUCH more expensive than when I purchased it) shows some antique pieces that are white or ecru on pink or light blue. These inspired me to use some pinkish linen in my stash with ecru threads.

Does the stitch used in the heavy diagonal bar in the middle of the piece look familiar? It’s the Casalguidi stitch, which I used as Santa’s walking stick on Celebration Santa.


SilkLover said...

I love this piece, Jeanne! It looks wondeful! And I am sorry to hear it has been retired. Aw well, late to the party again. Have a nice 4th.

Anonymous said...


Front Range Stitcher said...

Well done! The colors are dreamy!

Front Range Stitcher said...

Such a coincidence Jeanne! Today I went to a needleart show in a small lake town nearby and this Casalguidi and Lavender piece was there, framed. In all white. It was such a treat to see it in person and the work, like yours, was beautiful.

Donna said...


Elmsley Rose said...

Beautiful piece! Like sudukc said, elegant.

Good on you for *having* a series of finishing work.

I don't know anyone that actually likes it! A new project is so much more fun.

dining tables said...

That piece is one of a kind. Jeanne you have made a very wonderful job. I am so sorry for that retirement. Have a very happy 4th.