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Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Finish: Jacqui's Choice

Since I'm back on a canvaswork kick, here's one of my early canvas projects.

Design: Jacqui's Choice

Designer: Nanette Costa

Technique: counted canvas

Ground fabric: 18ct mono canvas

Threads: cotton floss, metallic threads, seed and pearl beads

Stitches used: couching, beading, lots of Hilton stitches (jessicas, crescents, Amadeus)

Stitching timeframe: 2002-2003

This project was from my very first multiple-day class, taken with my local EGA chapter. Up until this, I had only taken classes through my local shop or 1 day classes at a stitching festival. Needless to say, I really enjoyed it.

I actually had it framed on point. Looking at it now, I like the diamond shape, but I’m not crazy about the rest of the framing choices, though I’m not sure what I would change if I were to have it reframed.

I’ve wondered whatever happened to Nanette Costa. She was a fabulous teacher. I’m saddened to find her listed on the “inactive or retired” list on the National Academy of Needlearts (NAN) website. Does anybody know what she’s up to now that she’s not teaching?

There are still a few of her commercial patterns in various online shops if you look hard enough.


Front Range Stitcher said...

Very neatly done and beautifully framed. I, too, often wonder what has happened to many of the fine designers from several (not that many) years ago. I enjoy perusing back issues of Needlepointers magazine and that's when I realize so many wonderful teachers are no longer active.

Denise said...

Good looking piece. If I were to reframe it - I think I would keep the piece on point but, turn the frame to be square. Does that make sense?

Smiles -Denise

Edy said...

Nannette is well...she is having some "hand" issues and cannot stitch very long. She is doing some quilting (machine sewing) and attends our chapter (Manhattan) meetings regularly. I can tell her you have asked about her.

Edy said...

Oh, and btw, the "Jacgui" of the name is Jacqui Clarkson, another friend.

If I were to change the framing, I might lose the blue mat. Don't exactly know what I would choose instead -- I would have to see other colors against the piece (which is lovely).

BFromM said...

The piece is lovely, and I'd love to find a pattern by Nanette I did a quick search for her patterns, but couldn't find anything on line. She did the cover project of Needlepoint Now in September/October 2005, so if I don't have that back issue, I may order it.

I also agree about the blue mat. It seems kind of bright (at least on line)

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