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Sunday, August 15, 2010

An Unexpected New Start

Sometimes, life just gets in the way of stitching plans. In my case, I had thought I’d be continuing My Way and have it nearly done by now.

But it was not to be. Somehow I had neglected that this piece is just a bit too big to be carting to hospital waiting rooms.

Yes, E and I spent another night in the hospital two weeks ago after she underwent another surgery (as always, hopefully this is the last!) to fix her hips. (And yes, she’s back in a cast, but only for 6-8 weeks this time. Unfortunately, she’s much more aware of it at 18 months than she was at 5 months.)

So, being as I was still in the canvas mood, and since I didn’t have anything in progress small enough for stitching in the waiting room, I started something new. What else was I supposed to do? :-)

I was reading back over some old posts and reminded myself that one of my goals for the year was to start something by Jean Hilton. It just so happened that I had Jean’s Omega kitted up, so to the hospital it went.

By the end of the first day (after 4 hours of surgery + after she fell asleep at night), here’s how it ended up. My apologies for the blurriness!

Of course I changed the colors from Jean’s original. Why shouldn’t I? I also made the choice to stitch the center star in two colors rather than just one as in the original.

E came home the day after surgery, and no more progress was made that day. The rest of the week, however, was a different matter. Since she was sleeping a lot due to the pain meds, I managed quite a bit of stitching time.

A few days later, the rest of the borders were in:


Rainbow Gallery released this design in 1990, and a few of the threads have changed over the last 20 years. I decided to use two colors of RG’s FyreWerks for the center star and two of the borders and 1 strand of Trio (from brown paper packages) for the inner and outer borders.

Within the week, I did finish the piece, but you’ll just have to wait until Friday for the big reveal! :-)

Oh, and E is doing as well as might be expected, for a kid who was just starting to walk on her own and is now immobile. She’s figuring out how to drag herself around a bit, but isn’t too happy about it!


Kathryn said...

I am glad that E is doing well (even though she probably doesn't think so). Waiting in surgery is so nerve wracking, even when the prognosis should be good. When I was in surgery my husband said he was relieved to see the the doctors coming towards him talking and laughing. All he could hear was "wuzza, wuzza, wuzza". He had no idea what they were saying, but knew that I would be OK.

Rachel said...

Good to know E is doing well. And you've made real progress in spite of caring for your invalid!

Sylvia said...

I am glad E is doing well. children are so resilient and adjust to changes although sometimes they do it kicking and screaming. Hopefully this surgery will be the last. The piece you started during surgery is cute. What stitch did you use? I had a hard time figuring it out because of my inexperience. Congrats on another finish. I look forward to seeing it on Friday.

Edy said...

Poor thing -- I hope E is back on her feet soon...However, for what it's worth, enjoy her immobility for now.

The Hilton is gorgeous; love the colors.

Kathy A. said...

Oh poor E. Another surgery. Hopefully this will be the last one for her. It must be frustrating for her now that she can get away to be immobile for a while.
Love your new stitch. The colors are gorgeous.

Elmsley Rose said...

Oh, the poor kid!

Best-est wishes for a quick healing.

Gina said...

Hope E gets better soon. This piece is beautiful and I love you colors. Somehow it is very calming to me. I hope it is to you too.

baby crib said...

I got so curious when I saw the title of this blog. And when I saw it. It is true. It is an unexpected. I love what you are working and I am sure it is going to be so beautiful when it is done.