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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Another shop’s demise

Earlier this year, I received a letter from one of the two local needlework shops. The letter explained that the shop was closing, and detailed the merchandise sale prices during the summer.

It’s always depressing to hear of another shop closing, but this is the first in my area. While this is not my most-frequented shop, it carried a different selection of items than the larger shop in town.

Fortunately, the pair that run the shop, Frame Of Mind, do have another venture: Woolen Thread Designs. Their designs are lovely items, some of which are made entirely of wool felt, and some combine wool felt with cross stitch. They’re a lot of fun. I believe the owners will be continuing their work on the design company, but have decided to retire from the shop.

Next Saturday is closing day.

Today, MIL and I (with E in stroller!) went shopping.

I spent a little over $60, and came home with this:

One of the items that this shop carried that isn’t available anywhere else locally is Anchor floss and some pearl cotton. Since it won’t be available for me to look through there, I thought it best that I take some home with me. Besides, they’re trying to empty out the shop, so I couldn’t refuse to help them.

In case you were wondering, that pile is on the seat of my stitching chair, and consists of 375 different colors of floss (at 14.5 cents each), and 31 balls of pearl cotton, sizes 8 and 12 (at 4 for $1.00).

All and all, a great deal, right?

Then why do I think I’d prefer that the shop stay in business instead of practically giving their inventory away? :-(


Denise said...

I think needlework is experiencing somewhat of an upswing but the economy is not helping at all. I know exactly what you mean. I would rather pay full price than buy at a going out of business sale. Love the floss though!

Smiles - Denise

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

It's much better to have the shop than the good deal, but the deal's nice since the shop is going. I wish the owners well. It is just very difficult for small businesses, especially now.

Edy said...

Nice haul! Too bad you are losing one of your shops. It's always sad when these things happen! Hope the three of you had a nice day!

Anonymous said...

Will any of us ever be able to resist a thread sale no matter how large our stash is ???? I hate to see shops close. I have to drive over an hour to get to my LNS and I support it as much as I can so it will stay open.