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Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Finish: My Way

Yes, it’s finally done!

Design: My Way

Designer: Carolyn Mitchell

Technique: counted canvas

Ground fabric: 18ct mono canvas

Threads: LOTS!

Stitches used: LOTS!

Stitching timeframe: Started borders October 16, 2008; class November 8-9, 2008; finished September 14, 2010

For more detail around the threads and stitches used in this project, see my previous posts about it. And no, I have no idea what I'm going to do with it. It won't really "go" with anything in my house, but I had fun stitching it and though the decisions frustrated me from time to time, I think I learned a lot from this challenging piece!

I finished just in time. My next class with Carolyn Mitchell (her gorgeous Mystique) starts next Thursday!


Jeanne said...

It looks fantastic Jeanne - congratulations! I'm the same way..frequently am stitching or quilting something that doesn't go anywhere in my house or I don't have room for it. That's why I have a stack of quilts in my closet! Love the colors and all the textures you used.

Denise said...

It's amazing! Since it doesn't 'go' with anything in your house - maybe consider it a holiday gift for a family member. Congrats on your finish - can't wait to see what's next!

Smiles - Denise

barbi said...

Stunning!! I've been following along and enjoying every moment!! My chapter in the SW is going to have the pleasure of Carolyn's company and stitch My Way in January. We're so excited! You're insight has helped me enormously in doing my prework--thanks!! What about using it in a 'tray'.

Rachel said...

That's so intricate - well done, you must be so pleased with it

Donna said...

That's a pretty impressive finish! Way to go!

Barb said...

It's beautiful. Looks like it took a lot of time. This was first time I've been to your blog and I enjoyed it. I'll be back.

Kelly said...

Nice finish. I have several projects that I have no clue what to do with them. I am thinking bags. Let us know how you finish this.

Sylvia said...

Jeanne, It turned out beautifully. Congratulations on your finish. Itis a challenge sometimes to determine what to do with a completed piece. I am fortunate that I have an upstairs hall where I can hang some of my pieces that don't match the decorating scheme of the major rooms in my home. I also finally took a piece and hung it in my office this year. It is a shame not to put such a lovely piece out where it can be enjoyed.

Kathy A. said...

Stunning Jeanne - just so stunning. Love the colors

Wendy said...

This is absolutely stunning! Well done on getting it finished.