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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Another new start!

Ok, for those of you keeping track, this is the fourth piece I've started in May. First, the blackberries on gauze as an EGA chapter project, then the two seminar pieces, and now the new Jim Wurth piece! As I mentioned before, I have to keep up with this series, because I don't want 12 more unstitched yet-kitted pieces in my stash. So, when Arcadia arrived in today's mail, I took it with me to our Thursday stitch night at my LNS.If this reminds you of Monrovia, a previous piece in this series, you're pretty observant! It was actually designed as a companion. Jim had intended to release it later in the series, but health issues forced him to take a bit of a break, so he released this one earlier than intended rather than design a new one right now. He's also slowing the pace of the series down to one every three months instead of every other month. Which is just fine with me! We need our designers healthy so they can keep tempting us with great pieces. Best of luck to Jim! The slower pace also might help me finish a few other pieces besides these beautiful ornaments.

Anyway, tonight I mounted the canvas and started the outline. I didn't get very far, but here's a picture. You can also see the new "big head" tacks my LNS is carrying. Supposedly these are used somehow in quilting (not being a quilter, I don't know - can anyone share how they're used?), but the LNS owner was raving about them for stretching canvas. I have to admit, they seem much more sturdy than the other tacks she carries. Hopefully they'll keep the canvas tight.

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