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Monday, April 14, 2008

Rivers, more sky, and a bit of dress

What a difference! The Treasure Ribbon was much, much, much easier to work with than 4 ply of the DMC spool metallic. I like the color of the rivers now, too!

I've been gradually working on the packed stem stitch. I know I had mentioned that the instructions called for packed outline stitch. Before starting these areas, I looked up the difference between stem and outline, since I can never remember. I ended up stitching stem stitch despite looking it up! For this purpose, it really doesn't matter, anyway. Since I started to get tired of stem stitch, I decided to start rewarding myself with stitching bits of the dress, which is padded satin stitch. Satin is much more of a standard canvas technique. I like the way the stem stitch areas are coming out, but I guess I'm still more comfortable with counted stitches rather than making the gazillion decisions about stitch length and angle and how to blend the colors along the curve of each area.In a comment about this piece on my last post, Jocelyn asked,

"I have been wondering how big it is, and if you have any plans yet, on how you will finish it? Mount it in a frame? What sort of frame?"
The circle of Winds is 10" across. I haven't really thought much about how it will be finished. If I can't find an appropriate circular frame, I'll likely have mats cut with an inner circle in a square frame. What colors? Who knows? My framer's really good with color. She'll keep throwing different possibilities at it until it "clicks". Thanks for asking, and thanks to everyone else for the great comments!


Unknown said...

Aha! Thanks for working on the dress. She had been looking like she was wrapped up in a grey winding sheet. Not very appealing. ;-)

Keep up the great work.

Kathy A. said...

This piece gets more stunning with each stitch you add.

Karoline said...

Great progress, she's looking gorgeous

Elizabeth Braun said...

Oh wow! This is gonna be amazing!