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Monday, May 4, 2009

Rest In Peace, Jean Hilton

The news was just posted to one of the needlepoint email lists. It is with a heavy heart that I relay the news of Jean's passing. The counted canvas world has lost one of its greatest pioneers. Rest in peace, Jean Hilton. You have left a wonderful legacy.

Jean invented and taught an unparalleled number of the stitches that enhance the geometric canvas designs of today. If you've ever stitched a Jessica, Amadeus, crescent, double fan doubled, mistake stitch, or one of the variations of these, your life has been touched by Jean's creativity. There are many more, but those are what come immediately to mind.

Thank you, Jean, for sharing your amazing talents for creating imaginative designs and stitches. Your memory will live on as stitchers continue to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

This is Jean's ScottLee, the last piece she be taught at a seminar.


Kathy A. said...

Oh she will be greatly missed. Her work is stunning and that piece "Scott Lee" is remarkable. I know you are a big fan of her work.

Carmen said...

his work is amazing.her beautiful legacy must be preserved by the people who admire her work.

woolwoman said...

So sad about Jean - I wish I had been fortunate enough to take a class from her. ScottLee is stunning - thanks for sharing that.

Yoyo said...

Oh what sad news, this is the first I've heard this. I am a huge fan of Jean's work and was lucky enough to have taken three classes with her. She will be sorely missed in the canvaswork world. My old LNS actually was talking about another class...I haven't been there in so long. The Scott Lee piece is one I have not seen but with her usual attention to detail it is beautiful. I do hope Jean's stitching legacy will continue through the many stitchers who love her work.

Elizabeth said...

Could I get a copy of Scott Lee - I love it. In return I could trade a copy of an unpublished (as far as I know) of Miss Anaheim, a butterfly design from a class I took from Jean 9 years ago in Chicago. The design was dedicated to Jean's mother who, in her youth, was Miss Anaheim. I am also looking for the docehedragon series by Jim Wurth.

Jeanne said...

Hi Elizabeth,
Thank you for your interest. I would dearly love to see a picture of Jean's "Miss Anaheim", but I'm afraid I can't do a trade for ScottLee with you for two reasons:

1. I don't have the instructions any more. I received them as a gift from someone who took the class from Jean, and I have since passed them on to another interested stitcher.

2. Even if I did still have the instructions, while I could trade the ORIGINAL instructions, I wouldn't trade a COPY of them, because it breaks copyright. Even though Jean is no longer with us, her family still owns the copyright to her undistributed designs such as ScottLee and Miss Anaheim.

Thank you again for the offer, and if you know of a place where I can see a picture of Miss Anaheim, please let me know!

Jeanne said...

Oh, and as for the dodecagon series, I'd be happy to sell some of the designs (or perhaps we could trade some original instructions). Which were you interested in? Please leave your email and we can continue the conversation.


Elizabeth said...

My e-mail is elizabethrobinson@ameritech.net. Sorry you no longer have the design, I understand and agree with the copyright laws, I was using the word copy too loosely. I haven't seen Miss Anaheim anywhere and I think it is unpublished. I love Jean's work. The Jim Wurth pattern I like is the lavender/sage geometric. Thanks