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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mystique: Lesson 2 complete

When Carolyn Mitchell originally taught Mystique to stitchers in her local area, it was a mystery project. As a result, the instructions are broken up into several lessons.

The first lesson consisted of all of the borders, and we completed this as prework for the class.

Since the class, I’ve completed lesson 2.

This lesson included the long rectangles around the center (with a few blank spaces for future beadwork), the gold X’s in the corners of the large North, South, East, and West boxes, outlining the border regions of those same boxes, and filling this region in North and South.

As you can see, because this was a mystery sampler, the lessons skip around the project quite a bit. A few of my classmates have been trying to finish the North block, and have found that they have to diligently read through lots of instructions to locate all of the details of this block.

I decided I didn’t want to work that hard on this piece and would rather be stitching instead of hunting for “What stitch goes here?”. My stitching time is too limited right now to spend it that way, so I’m going with Carolyn’s recommendation that we just work through the project in the order listed in the instructions.

I’m curious. How would you do it? Would it drive you nuts to leave a block almost complete like the North block on my piece?


Kathy A. said...

I agree with you Jeanne. Why make it any more difficult than it needs to be.
It is lovely. The colors are so beautiful.

Gerry said...

Jeanne I took the class on Sat and Sun and I too am following the directions as they go instead of trying to hunt. I am no where near as far along as you are

yenulka said...

Your's work is gorgeous!!!

Coud'l you tell my where I can by this pattern? I couldn't find any information in the internet :(

Susan said...

Sorry to be so late replying, but I, too, would just skip around. Life's too short to sort through those directions.