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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mystique, Lesson 4

Yes, I’m way behind in posting about Mystique! Here’s what the project looked like after the fourth part of this fun project from Carolyn Mitchell (with a tiny part of lesson 5 started).

Throughout this lesson, I kept thinking of Shrek’s buddy, Donkey, saying, “I’m makin’ waffles!” This lesson provided lots of practice in making waffle stitches.

Three different sizes of waffle stitches were included:

  • Little waffles, four each in the corners of the north, south, east, and west blocks.
  • Medium waffles, four in the center block.
  • Big waffles, one each in the four corner blocks.

In addition, the lesson included more smyrna crosses around the largest waffles, alternating tent stitch in the background of the center square, and some double straight cross stitches in metallic, also in the center square.

Stay tuned. I’ll have an update about lesson 5 in the next few days!


Coni said...

Gorgeous, georgeous!

As for the whole Dunkey/Waffles thing...how can you NOT?

I'm prancing like a two year old waiintg to see what's next for this one!

Woo Hoo!

Sara Leigh said...

This is beautiful.

I'm wondering, though, if you have an extreme close-up of one of your big waffles that you could post next time. I've got a project that has a lot o' waffles in it, and I don't think mine look right. I'm following the directions, yet they're not working out the way I think they should. It would be nice to see what they should look like.

Pat W-S said...

Hi Jeanne -
You are really coming along! Isn't the piece beautiful? I have worked on it a couple of times since class, but probably won't return to it until after the holidays.

Anonymous said...

Hello Jeanne,
My name is Oriana and I am Italian. My English is not good, I use the translator, and I hope you understand me. I really love your designs and always follow your progress. I would like to get in touch with you to exchange some projects. If you are interested you can write to this address. I'm also part of the SNS and I attended some classes proposed by the group. I await your response. ciao from Italy