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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Blueberry Pocket

This morning, I figured out how to email myself a picture of my partially-completed Blueberry Pocket from Periwinkle Promises. Unfortunately, the cell phone pictures are nowhere near as clear as those taken with my usual camera.

On the up side, I told DH that this was my workaround, so he'll now be bringing me my camera. Apparently each emailed picture adds 25 cents to the cell phone bill, and the potential cost of that is worth the off chance that the camera might disappear! :-)

So, on to the stitching. I started this piece a few years ago to work on at an occasional lunch hour, but didn't get very far. When I started all of the doctor's appointments this year, I was only on the first blackwork band! When I arrived in the hospital this week, I had half of the band of hearts done. Everything below that has been stitched since Monday!

I've slowed down a bit with the current band because the berries (of which there are four are stitched) are all made up of smyrna crosses. They seem to be taking a very long time! Then again, right now I have nothing but time!

Pregnancy ticker: 30 weeks, 1 day.
Each day, the doctors come around and ask me the same questions regarding my condition. Each day, I give them the same responses. Essentially, nothing's changing. Today, I said that I must be their most boring patient, and they assured me that boring is good right now. :-)


Kathy A. said...

I agree with the doctors - boring is good!!!!

Karoline said...

I hope it continues to be boring. {{{{Jeanne and BJ}}}}

LLLC said...

prayer to you during this time of waiting. hopefully your little BJ will arrive safe and sound.

Cyn said...

Hi Jeanne,

Wishing you and BJ several very boring and healthy weeks!

Windy Meadow