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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

November recap, December goals

December already! Here were my goals for November:

  • Blog more. I managed 14 posts for the month, which ties for the most in a month this year! Not great, but better! I also kicked off a new "stitch study" series of posts.
  • Enjoy the My Way class. Yes, very much, although I missed one day.
  • Finish Jim Wurth's Peace Tree so I'll be ready to start the last ornament when it shows up this month. Yes! I finished it and the last ornament, Fabulous Finale.
  • Continue working on Summer Dream. Yes, though I didn't get as much done as I wanted.
  • Finish a few of the smaller WIPs kicking around here! Ummm... no.

I actually managed to get a bit of my excess stash up on eBay this month. I also started and almost finished Gay Ann Rogers's Challenge Ornament on Sunday, but I haven't had the chance to blog about that yet. Stay tuned!

For December, here are my goals:

  • Continue with regular blogging, including the stitch study series.
  • Finish the Challenge Ornament.
  • Continue working on Summer Dream.
  • Finish a few of the smaller WIPs kicking around here.
  • Sell enough stash to afford the Judy Souliotis class starting soon on SNS!
  • Enjoy the holidays!

I'm looking forward to some extended time off from work at the end of the year to help with these goals.

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