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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

How many more stitches can I get out of this thread?

Don't you just hate when you're stitching away, nearing the end of a section/color/band/etc., and you notice that the thread left in your needle is growing short way too fast? Then you end up with something like this:

That thread couldn't stretch far enough to make three more lousy smyrna crosses. Bummer.

Another short length of thread later and the prework is done on Potpourri, in plenty of time for my class with Margaret Bendig next week.
The more I stitched, the more I liked my choice of outside border.

Now I'll put this aside until the class starts!


Mary Corbet said...

Argh! You have my sympathy - that happens to me all the time. Two or three stitches left, and no way will the thread make it!

This looks like it will be a magnificent project - the kind that you can never get bored with because of all the little sections! It'll be fun to watch it develop!

Stephanie (Joie de Bayou) said...

Good to know that I am not the only one who tries to stretch that thread for a few more stitches.

Can't wait to see what goes in all those squares.

Edy said...

Well done!

rebekka said...

That is soooo cool!

Jeanne said...

That happens to me constantly Jeanne and then I try to squeeze those last stitches out and end up having a hard time securing the thread. It's Murphy's Law of stitching I guess. This looks like an ambitious piece - looking forward to seeing it develop.

Elizabeth Braun said...

The real bummer comes, of course, when you've absolutely no more of that thread left!=)