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Monday, April 26, 2010

Potpourri class with Margaret Bendig

I've been absent from blogging in recent days, but I have been stitching! One of the pieces I've been working on is Margaret Bendig's Potpourri on Canvas (which I'll just shorten to Potpourri in future writing).

Yes, the class was last week. Two great days with a delightful teacher. We somehow talked our way through 46 different block patterns with recommendations of threads for each, yet still had time to stitch. Along the way, Margaret taught us the basics of a variation of Chottie's plaid, convinced me that several backstitches over 1 thread really would hold a thread tail, and provided several patterns that will make great backgrounds for future projects.

Here's the beginning of my piece. You can see the start of the plaid, along with hints of several other boxes.

There were about 14 students in the class, and I snapped pictures of several pieces, all in different color schemes. With the stitchers' permission, here they are.

We had so much fun with Margaret that we're already talking about bringing her back for another class, even though we'll have cross-country airfares. I highly recommend her as a teacher - and her designs are gorgeous!


Edy said...

Your project looks very promising...can't wait to see more progress.

Thanks for the slide show. I love seing how different colorways make the same piece so unique when done by different people.

How is Kathy doing? Send my love. Kisses to Erin!

Margaret said...

That is very interesting . I'm glad you took the time to show so many different colors at the same time. We all know colors and shades make a difference but to see them side by side is rare.

Donna said...

Ooh. Love the slide show. I may have to stalk Ms. Bendig until I can get into a class with her somewhere...

Front Range Stitcher said...

This is going to be fun to watch. I like it already.