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Friday, March 23, 2007

2 days, 2 packages!

The mail carrier brought new stash both Wednesday and yesterday!!!

First, I received the finishing kit (by Judy Odell) for the Japanese Octagon Box from Chatelaine Designs. As seen in the picture, this kit contains the black dupioni silk for the inside of the box, the quilt padding (what do you call this?) for the box sides, some thicker stuffing and knob for the top, and on and on. It even has a straight and curved needle, a ribbon (though I don't know now what the ribbon is for!), and straight pins! The instructions look very thorough, with lots of great pictures.

Now, I have no prayer of getting the stitching done by the time the finishing "class" (conducted via the Yahoo Group for the box) rolls around, but I've got the stuff to finish it when the time comes! My progress thus far is limited to most of panels 2 & 3, and part of the outline for panel 1. I've obviously got a bit to go before I'll be able to dig into the finishing! Since I've got a bunch of GCC's due in fairly short order, though, this piece has become a bit of a UFO. :(

The second package this week was the kit for the 5th ornament in Jim Wurth's "Dodecagon" series. These ornaments are counted canvaswork designs, available (only as a series) through Threadneedle Street in California. This installment is Hearts & Flowers, and it is overloaded with reds and silvers! I'll start this piece as soon as Tiramisu is finished. I can't rationalize a new (fairly pricey) kit every other month unless they actually get stitched. So far, I've kept up - the first 4 are done, and I've had a blast doing them. I haven't yet figured out how they're going to be finished, though. I'm open to suggestions!

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