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Sunday, March 25, 2007

A Stitch in Time: Monrovia

Since I've been stitching for over 15 years, and blogging only one week, there are plenty of past projects to share when other topics don't present themselves. I've pondered for a while about what to call these posts: Back-stitch? Project Flashback? Masterpiece Theatre? (LOL!) I've finally settled on "A Stitch in Time", but I'm open to more creative options, if anybody has a suggestion. This might become a regular feature of this blog. Please let me know if you like it or not!

Anyway, this "stitch in time" post features a piece I finished earlier this year. It is Monrovia, the fourth ornament in Jim Wurth's Dodecagon series. This is a counted canvaswork project, stitched on white 18ct mono canvas, with silk, metallic, rayon, and nylon threads, and glass beads.

If you're curious about counted canvaswork, also known as counted needlepoint, Rainbow Gallery has a very extensive collection of freebie charts. Looking at some of these charts can give you a feel for how these directions are typically presented. This technique is where counted thread work meets canvas, usually considered the domain of hand-painted needlepoint. It's a good bridge between the two styles.


Karoline said...

It's gorgeous Jeanne, thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

Jeanne, This is a gorgeous piece, and I especially like it due to the colors!

Jeanne said...

Thanks, Pat & Karoline!

Love to Stitch 99 said...

Monrovia has turned out very nicely. I have only completed two out of the five of the series so far. Need to get started on Poirot myself :-)

Pierrette =^..^=

Jeanne said...

I'm cheering you on, Pierrette! These pieces are a lot of fun.

MysteryKnitter said...

That is pretty!