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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Wheels of Color

The needlework world lost noted canvas designer and teacher Genny Morrow in 2002. I never had the opportunity to take a class from her, but fortunately for us, her family continues to make many of her designs available.

I started Genny's Wheels of Color nearly three years ago, and I pick it up every once in a while. This week, for some reason, it called to me. Here's where I left it last night.This piece is one of the largest I've ever done. It's on 20" x 22" stretcher bars! I started stitching in the middle so I wouldn't have to lean on an already completed section to reach the middle. As a result, I'm working in rounds toward the outside. After the wheels on this round are completed, I'll go back and fill in the centers.


Unknown said...

Oh, my that is beautiful. You have reminded me that I really should work on my GIANT pumpkin of needlepoint stitches that I started in a class years ago, but gave up on because it is HUGE and I really can't carry it around. Congratulations on working on this!

Anonymous said...

I own Wheels of Color, and the picture on the cover of the pattern does not do it justice--yours is SO BRIGHT!! :) I love it! Did you draw the "wheels" on the canvas? That seems like it'd be a big job, but I wonder if it's actually necessary.

galen said...

hey Colleen I love the Wheels of Color and was wanting to know if you could email me the pattern

Thank you


Jeanne said...

To Galen:
(1) This post was written over a year ago. Why would you think another commenter would look back at an old post that she commented on at that time.
(2) It is against copyright to make a copy of a pattern to share, whether that's on paper or electronically. Never mind that the pattern book is 30 pages long or so.

Colleen, if by chance you are reading this, please decline Galen's request. I do not want this blog to be a sharing ground for illegally copied patterns.

Thank you,