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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Caving in to the sales

Yes, I caved. At the sale at one of my local shops, I didn't find much that caught my eye, so I actually left an LNS sale having spent less than $10. I picked up The Counting Book Sampler from Little by Little.

However, I was not so restrained online, with the sale at Stitching Bits and Bobs. I treated myself to one of the newest Long Dog patterns, Scarlet Ribands, and one of their older patterns, Sonne Spotte, which now interests me more than it did before, mostly because of the vibrancy of the colors. A few other pieces also found their way into my cart, including John Foster from Historic Stitches (and I blame Joanie for that one, with her great pics of it!). I know sometimes this shop will wait on items not in stock, so I'm not looking for these to show up any time soon, but it will be a nice surprise when these show up in the mailbox!

To top it off, I received the instructions for another EGA GCC in the mail today. Now I have two waiting to be started. (I knew I should have made those an exemption to my challenge!) After I finish Czarina, I may go through my UFOs to find those that have the least left to stitch, and FINISH them! I have a long way to go on the challenge, and that's the only way I'll get through it anytime soon.

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Joanie said...

Oh you will so fall in love with John...but be careful, he'll break your heart cause he's really not symetrical. Enjoy stitching him and please post pics of your progress!