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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Framed Mystery Sampler

Tonight I picked up my framed Mystery Sampler. Because of the borders on this piece, I found it did not need a mat. Rather, it looked best with just a simple frame. I tried several cherrywood frames, but they were all too red. It's hard to tell from the pictures, but the sampler is stitched in a cranberry color, almost a red-violet. (Specifically, it's Winterberry 1431 from Vikki Clayton.) So, instead of a true cherry frame, I went with a dark reddish-brown, and I love how it turned out!
On the current works front, I'm still frogging and restitching acorns. I should be back to working the acorn caps tomorrow evening.


Unknown said...

Great choice! I just framed a print and found out just how hard it is to MATCH a color, either your thread or your linen. It is much easier to not mat, especially with the stitched border all around.

Love to Stitch 99 said...

Looks very good. That is such a lovely project. I have purchased it (part of the second wave) and have not yet started working on it, but looking forward to stitching it.
Pierrette =^..^=