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Friday, July 10, 2009

Beginning temari

In one of the odd coincidences of the needlework world, Mary of Needle 'N Thread posted about her purchase of a temari book today, and Jane of World Embroideries has been posting about temari lately, too. Allow me to contribute to the discussion!

In yet another online class through Shining Needle Society (can you tell I'm addicted to these classes?), I'm learning to make temari with Barb Suess. The class will have one main temari (Morning Glory) with two overlapping techniques, and two additional "challenge" temari, each with one of the two techniques, but with less instruction.

The first lesson came out this week. This week's lesson is all about making the thread-wrapped core and simple 8 division guidelines. Here you can see my three temari cores in different states. The far left is a part of a stocking filled with rice hulls. The middle ball is a little further along, having been wrapped with yarn. The ball on the right has the outer thread layer and the guidelines in metallic thread, waiting for next week's lesson.Mary, in case you were wondering, it took about 2-1/2 hours to make the core and put guidelines on it. I expect the next couple to be a little faster, now that I've done it once. I don't blame you for "cheating" by purchasing the mari already in this state, especially if you just want to try this technique out!

Erin update: 1 week down, 11 to go in the cast. She's adjusting well, and is slowly getting back to sleeping as well as she was pre-cast.

Check out the hot-pink knees on the little girl who looks a bit tired!


barbi said...

I'm so glad Erin is doing better. I have the same picture of my son Mikey, at 8 months(28 yrs ago), in his little seat with casts up to his hips only with a goofy smile. It eventually just becomes a distant memory for them & they are fine. Thank goodness, we, the moms, have our stitching!!!It had always been my 'valium'.

NCPat said...

The temari looks interesting! Erin looks great! So glad she has adapted so quickly!

Cyn said...

Hi Jeanne,

She's a cutie, especially with those pink knees!

And yes she looks tired. :-)
Glad to hear that she is doing well.

I'm looking forward to seeing how you make the Temari. I've always been interested but just haven't taken the time to practice though I have several books.

Windy Meadow

Mary Corbet said...

Aha - thanks, Jeanne! Good to know the time frame! Your core turned out nice. I'm going to try the technique first on the cheater-cores, then (if I really like it, and I think I will!) I'll venture into making my own. That's a lot of winding of thread! But worth it, to get the color of core you want, I'd reckon. Glad to read your links, too! Thanks heaps!

Anonymous said...

I just had a chance to check your blog. It is good to hear all went well with Erin. She looks good.

Sweet Sue said...

Popped in to look around some more. Erin, she's adorable:)