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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tomorrow is the day

I can't believe it's here already. Erin goes in for her procedure tomorrow (Thursday), and then she'll be in a cast from chest to toes for 12 weeks. :-( She's NOT going to be happy, especially since she's just recently figured out how to roll over (although then she gets mad because she hates tummy time!). Oh well. I'll try to post tomorrow night to let you all know how things went.

On the stitching front, I've been making rather slow progress on Hannah Thornbush. I'm still on band 2, and I apologize for the lack of pictures. The lesson for bands 3 and 4 came out on Monday. Only the second lesson, and I'm behind already. Sheesh!

After several emails back and forth with Denise from Threadneedle Street in Washington state, the correct color of silk I needed for Floral Rondel showed up today. Thank you, Denise! Now I can finally finish this!


Cyn said...

Hi Jeanne,

I'll be thinking of you guys tomorrow. Best wishes!

Windy Meadow

Kathy A. said...

Good luck tomorrow!! I'm praying for posititve results.

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Your family will be in our prayers tomorrow. Believe me, the parents take this sort of thing a lot harder than the kids do. For children, it's a day at a time. Parents worry about things a decade or more down the line.


Anonymous said...

Good luck with Erin. I hope all went well and she is doing good.

Deb said...

My best wishes for Erin - 12 weeks is going to be a long time. But the results will be well worth it. Glad to hear you found the right color of thread. Your piece is so beautiful.