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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Floral Rondel on hold again

Last week I mentioned that I had received the extra silk sent to me by Judy Souliotis for Floral Rondel. I was concerned because it seemed a bit lighter. That was confirmed when I started stitching with it:The new spool starts at the downward pointing arrow and continues to the left. It was strange - this spool seemed a bit more peach than pink. I looked at the two spools - full and empty. They've got different numbers! Yup. No wonder they looked different! They're different colors entirely!

I went back to the instructions to see what color was called for. Aha! The original instructions called for color A, but the kits had B substituted. When Judy very kindly sent me the replacement, she sent A. Since she's already been so kind, I'm not hassling her for color B. (And if any of you know her, PLEASE do not do so, either.)

Instead, I'm trying to buy color B, but I'm hitting a bit of a roadblock. It's listed on the color list on Access Commodities website, but I can't find it on the lists at any online shop. I'm working with one shopowner who is trying to order it from Access for me. If this doesn't work, one blog reader has offered to trade her spool from the class kit with me. Thanks, Kate!

As for that little bit of stitching with the new color? I've taken it out. It just looked odd.

Erin update: Our little girl has been having reading lessons at Grandma & Grandpa's. See?

And this picture just makes me laugh. It looks like she's terrified of her own feet!


Kathy A. said...

Oh I love the photos of Erin. She looks like she understands perfectly what is in the books.

Edy said...

Adorable! And I expect the next photo from Grandma's house will have Erin stitching!

Karoline said...

I hope you can get your silk quickly. They are adorable photo's of Erin

Carmen said...

i love the photos os Erin,an how she look the feet, so cute.

Unknown said...

Can you try mixing threads - (oh dear, I don't know how many strands you are using) and gradually swop across to the new colour?