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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Wonderful class with Catherine Theron

You may recall that I took Catherine Theron's Examplar IV in 2007, and finally finished it this year. A couple of months ago, I posted about Catherine coming to town to teach her How Great the Blessing sampler. That class was this weekend, and while I wasn't able to attend for both full days, I enjoyed and appreciated the time I was able to be there!

Back in 2007, I described Catherine's teaching style:

She handled it wonderfully, going over a stitch or two and giving us lots of time to practice and add it to our sampler.
The same was true of this weekend, but it was even more relaxed, since this sampler was originally designed to be taught in a single day. We decided to make it more approachable to those less experienced in sampler stitches by having a two-day class. I'm very glad we did! It was a fun, relaxing class, with enough challenge for more experienced stitchers, but still do-able by everyone. The picture shows my (minimal) progress.

As the education chair of my EGA chapter, I was responsible for making all of the arrangements for the class. With everything that's gone on this year, I'm very grateful to a few ladies in my chapter for contributing some of their time to make this class a success. Thank you to Sharon and Rosemary for taking extensive notes for our "ghost" students, and a very big thank you to Annlouise and Nancy for hosting and entertaining Catherine and picking up the essentials for lunch. (And a big kiss to DH for taking such good care of Erin while I played this weekend!)

And, of course, thank you to Catherine for a fantastic class!

Erin update: Erin made it through the recasting without needing to be put under anesthesia. They just used Tylenol since she was only undergoing a little bit of manipulation. Immediately afterward she seemed quite sore, but a bit of codeine helped. She came home Thursday afternoon, and has been her cheerful self since, with minimal soreness. Right now she's sitting on my lap, with her hand halfway down her throat. I think she's hungry! :-) Gotta go!


NCPat said...

Great news on both fronts!

Jeanne said...

Oh I'm envious of your class with Catherine Theron - how wonderful! I am glad your little girl is doing better and keeping good thoughts going that this will be the final repair.

Katrina said...

Glad it all went okay!

Love your class piece too.

Karen said...

Jeanne, I'm glad to hear that Erin's procedure went well. Your class with Catherine Theron sounds terrific; I love her designs!

Karoline said...

Glad the class went well and that Erin is doing better

Deb said...

Such wonderful news about the class (I would love to take one of her classes) and for your daughter!!

Anonymous said...

My daughter had a dislocated left hip so I can feel for what you are all going through. She is now 30 years old and survived a body cast from 16 months old to 20 months old. She is fine and was able to play sports in school. In her case she required surgery at 4 years old to finally correct the problem but all is well. We read to her while in the cast and she went on to love reading, was a good student and is now an attorney. I wish the best to you. Pat

Cyn said...

Hi Jeanne,

So glad to hear that resetting Erin's cast went well!

Beautiful sampler!

Isn't it wonderful when you can get a little break and have fun? :-)

Windy Meadow

Elizabeth Braun said...

Your poor little Bub, having to go through all this! Still, at least she's too young to remember it.=) Hope all stays well with little Erin!=)