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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Decent progress

Wow!  It's been a bit over a week since I last posted, but I've been making good progress on my Blessing sampler.  Erin's been cooperating by going to sleep around 8PM each night, so I've had time to stitch! 

I finished the grass and the vases, then added the strawberries, the squirrel and bunny, the center plant, and one queen-stitched flower.  There are 14 more of these flowers (5 on the center plant, and 5 on each side), and they'll take some time. 

A few pieces in my stash are calling to me to start them, but I already have too many started, and really need to finish a few (ok, at least two) before starting anything else, hence the concentration on this piece.

Erin update:  We have a date for cast removal!  Cast-off day is Monday, September 21.  Two weeks to go.  Erin is getting very impatient with the cast.  She's now seven months old, and wants to GO!  She's constantly getting frustrated that she can't reach something or she'll try to throw herself backward when she's sitting on someone's lap.  It's like she knows she should be able to move more, but can't quite figure out why she can't.

Here's a picture from a couple of weeks ago.  Somebody had given us this really pretty dress, and it was just hanging in her closet waiting for a special occasion.  I finally decided that any day could be a special occasion, or the dress wouldn't be worn at all!  When DH first saw this dress, he commented that it looked like she was wearing a tablecloth (though since then he's decided it's really cute on her). 

This past week, Erin's started to wrinkle her nose at times.  It's pretty funny.  Here she is (in a different pink gingham dress) when trying Cheerios for the first time yesterday.
Don't worry. Other pictures showed that maybe Cheerios were ok after all.  :-)


Sweet Sue said...

Sampler is looking splendid:) Super pics of Erin, such a doll! A local stitcher took pity on me and met me at E.R. LNS last Thursday, gave me private tutorial on linen stitching, getting over the intimidation factor was the hardest part. Enjoy your day my friend and Sweet Stitchin...

Missy Ann said...

Love that bunny.

Good for you, you can't wait to use the "nice" clothes. Babies will grow out of them during nap time. And I hate to tell you, but throwing herself backwards is just going to get worse. And when that cast comes off it'll be even more fun because she'll be able to dig in with her feet for added oomphff! Glad to hear that she's doing so well.

Katrina said...

Erin is so cute! Glad the cast is finally coming off :-).

Gorgeous Sampler, you stitch the prettiest pieces.

Deb said...

Just love that toothless smile on Erin! Such a sweetie! Glad to hear that she'll be getting her cast off soon! And your sampler is looking wonderful! I love the baskets on this piece!!

Karoline said...

Erin is such a cutie, glad to hear you've got a date for the cast coming off.

Great progress on Blessing, it's looking lovely

Edy said...

Aren't you having a "cast" party?
Just wait...Erin will be off and 'running" before you know it.
Better Erin-proof the house!
So glad to see how happy she is, and how big she has grown!
Oh, btw, the Sampler looks terrific!

Kathy A. said...

Oh my goodness I can't believe how quickly Erin has grown. I am sure the 21st can't come soon enough for all of you.

Cyn said...

Hi Jeanne,

She is such a cutie!

Just wait till she starts dropping and throwing the cheerios! All you can do then is laugh. :-)

DD would drop them on the floor and when done eating would get down and pick them all up. LOL! DS was a much neater eater.

Windy Meadow