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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New stash from seminar

No, I didn't go to this year's EGA seminar, even though it was in Pittsburgh this year (<6 hours away).   I did experience a bit of it virtually, on the phone with MIL as she walked through the Merchandise Mart last Wednesday evening.  Thanks, Mom!  (Of course, she managed to buy part of my Christmas present when I expressed interest in something, so it benefited both of us!)

And she brought me some stash!  At some point in the week, she came across an opportunity to pick up (for free!) EGA Designer Series Book 3, a compilation of projects from old editions of NeedleArts, the EGA magazine.  This 90 page book contains complete instructions for these 10 projects, all shown on the back cover:

  •  A Crewel Design by Audrey Francini (crewel, surface embroidery)
  • New Year's Eve Bag by Kay Stanis (goldwork)
  • Pink Ice Brooch by Carolyn Sherman (beading on a felt ground)
  • Genny's Name Tag by Genny Morrow (counted canvas)
  • Butterfly Kiss by Dorothy Lesher (line-drawn canvas)
  • Tiny Topiary by Gail Sirna (counted canvas)
  • Schwalm Embroidery Heart by Donna Strader (Schwalm)
  • Bird on a Branch: A Name Tag by Margaret Kinsey (silk and metal on silk ground)
  • Princess Lace Heart & Flower by Roberta Chase (princess lace)
  • L'Atomiseur by Tony Minieri (counted canvas)
I'm particularly fond of the first two projects.

On her way out of Pittsburgh, MIL stopped at Beehive NeedleArts.  She called me from the shop, asking if she could pick up any threads for me.  I tried to think of threads that I hear about, but can't find locally.  (What would you pick?)  I ended up mentioning J.L.Walsh Silk & Wool.  Well, apparently the shop didn't carry this, but did have the Silk Perle from J.L.Walsh.  I am now the proud owner of six skeins of this lovely thread.

This thread is interesting.  As it comes out of the skein, it's about the size of pearl cotton #5.  Upon closer inspection, though, the thread seems strandable.  The full strand breaks down into two bundles, each apparently made up of four strands about the size of floss.  I'll try experimenting with this soon.

Thanks Mom!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

I clicked on the pic of the magazine back to see the projects - and I picked the same fav's as you did!

That silk looks scrummy. I just got some hand dyed lavender/pink/slate blue variation silk from a place on Etsy. Pretty colours, but not very ....silky. Plan to use it for next stumpwork butterfly wings/petals on some small project.

I'm actually busy atm buying bits of victorian trim from Ebay and Etsy to trim my new summer wardrobe .

3 dresses, 2 tops - I've spoilt myself after all these months in bed, which are continuing, but I hope to be strong enough to straight-sew soon.

Bit of this beaded velvet ribbon or that sequined trim on a collar or cuff to dress it up a bit - I'm hoping to get a vintage pearl collar - but they are all so small!