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Friday, October 23, 2009

Ok, you win

Thanks to those of you who voted on my three projects.  Three out of the six commenters chose that I should try to finish Cinders by Marion Scoular.

So, here we go.  I'm doing a bit of a rotation, in which I can work on up to three projects each night.  I'll start with one length of thread on Cinders.  Here's where she stands now.  As some of you pointed out, there really isn't that much left to do on this piece.

After that length of thread, I'll stitch one segment---one section of a circle or one area of background---on Genny Morrow's Wheels of Color.

If I still have some stitching time after these, I'll work on How Great the Blessing from Catherine Theron.  I really want to finish this piece this year, since I've already stitched the date! 

My exception to this rotation will be the Thursday evening "open stitch" nights at my LNS.  For these, I'll just bring the sampler, simply for the ease of carrying only one (smaller) project.

If I get closer to the end of the year and the sampler is lagging behind, I may put the other two aside for a bit again, but I'll cross that bridge if and when I need to do so!

Erin update:  We had a visit to the orthopedist, one month post-cast.  The right hip is still in great shape, and the left is still out.  She'll continue with the brace, since she's tolerating it well.  We don't go back again for four months.  Her next surgery will happen when she's 18-24 months old, which means we have at least 9 more months of squishy baby!  Speaking of which, somebody's trying to get my attention through the baby monitor...


NCPat said...

I have had pretty good luck with the rotation stitching and have been able to do it most of the time. When can we have another picture of Erin?? We love pictures!

Katrina said...

They are all gorgeous! Your Catherine Theron piece is so pretty.

Glad Erin is tolerating the braces well. I am sorry she has to have more surgery, lots of good thoughts and prayers the next one is the last.

jdnrob said...

Cinders is looking great..I really must get mine out again...so many projects....so little time.

Joanie Robertson

Edy said...

Glad to hear that Erin is doing ok.
Cinders is very pretty as is your Sampler. Will you be getting involved in Gay Ann's stitching marathon?

Kathy A. said...

Oh Cinders is my favorite!! Glad to see her and that she is getting some solid work. Working a rotation should help with some finishes.
Glad that Erin is doing well and dealing with her casts with such grace.