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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

WIP-list wrap-up

This past month, I've presented thirty of my works in progress. Aren't you glad that's over? I know I am!

I'm also glad that it was getting harder to find projects to present as the end of the month drew near, and to find that I only have a small handful of WIPs beyond this list. These include the Morning Glories temari and its companions, and SharonG's Tuscan Spring canvas, which is barely started. Other than these, there are only a couple of small pieces started as EGA programs in various techniques.

One of my observations during the course of the month was that I do not have any two WIPs from the same designer, other than my original designs. I think I stick to this because often there is a similarity in feel or technique within a given designer's works. If I get an urge to stitch something from a certain designer, I may just as well work on a piece already started from that designer. The funny thing is that I have nothing in progress from my two favorite designers (can you guess who?), likely because when I start one of their designs, I enjoy it so much that it gets done!

What about you? Do you find that you have multiple projects going from a single designer? Why or why not?


Edy said...

But of course! 2 Lois Kershners because I took her classes at two EGA Seminars in a row. Then there are several Gay Ann Rogers' pieces both in the works and kitted to be begun.

Cheryl said...

It is comforting to know that I'm not the only queen of excesses with my needlework! I sometimes do a series of painted canvases, and I'm now doing Jim Worth's ornaments, but you are right, after a while the repetition of styles makes one feel like a one trick pony!

Anonymous said...

Each day I shook my head with amazement as I read your blog. I hadn't imagined someone could have so many WIPs, LOL. I thoroughly enjoyed the display though.

We are all so different. It drives me to distraction to have several pieces on the go at once. I like to work and work and work on one piece, then when it's finished, move on to the next. Of course "finished" just means the stitching complete - then it's likely to languish in a cupboard.

I'm currently in the midst of an online class, and the lessons come every 2-3 weeks. Very unsettling to work on it for an evening or three, then put it away for a couple of weeks and drag something else out.

Yep, we're all different!

Donna said...

I have so enjoyed your journey through the WIPs. And will separating my WIPs from the projects that are just kitted up and then copying your idea of displaying them on the blog.

I think I will find that I don't have more than one or two designers that are represented multiple times in the WIPs. We'll see.

I'm with you - I like variety.

Front Range Stitcher said...

I really enjoyed looking over your WIPs, very impressive-not talking about the number of projects, but more of the depth and diversity of your stitching tastes. Angel of the Sea would be enough to put most stitchers into seclusion, doing nothing else for at least a year. Kudos to you all around. Your work is lovely.

The kimono is already stunning; have you ever contemplated sending it off to a stitching service just to do the couching? I have never done this but have threatened to do so many times. Thankfully I do not know of any such services but I know they're out there. I don't think I could get over the idea that someone else worked on my piece and, therefore, making it not mine, so to speak.

Since I am in stitching guilds with two of my favorite designers, I usually don't let their projects go into UFO status. Currently I have a WIP from each of them and they are my priority for completion. Writing a blog also keeps me motiviated to finish things...not everything.

It's interesting though, I think we all have our favorite designers and tend to gravitate towards their style which translates to owning multiple projects.

Your angel Erin is so beautiful, thanks for keeping us updated on her progress. My daughter would remove her socks, hold her bottle with her feet keeping her hands free to play! Multitasking at 6 months. LOL!

Jeanne said...

I answered several portions of these comments in a later post, but I didn't address everything there.

Edy - Thanks for the input. I'm pretty sure MIL has those same Kerschner projects in the works! Just to be clear, my stash includes many designers for which I have instructions or kits for multiple projects. When I counted my Gay Ann projects-in-waiting (are those PIWs instead of WIPs?), I think the total was something like 16! I have a similar number of Jean Hilton (my other favorite) charts.

Thanks for the suggestion about sending the kimono out to be finished, but I'm with you. It wouldn't be MINE that way. Never mind that I don't know if the stitchers in those finishing services would know how to couch the gold in the traditional Japanese way. (Not that I'm an expert. I'm learning from a book!)