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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Is it done yet?

Here's where I stand on Catherine Theron's How Great the Blessing sampler. In the past week I've added the verse, and the numbers and personalization (with updated dates!) under the alphabet, along with four birds and another squirrel.

Is it done?

Early on in stitching this project, I deliberately didn't fill in the flowers in the large vase and left off the small berry bushes to the left of the large squirrel and the right of the bunny. Now I'm reconsidering.

The sampler doesn't have many blank spaces at the top, and the larger empty spaces by the bunny and squirrel seem to be screaming for something. Maybe those berry bushes would work after all.

What do you think?

Erin update: Guess who had a birthday on Friday? Yes, already!

The best part about presents? The wrapping paper, of course!

My first decorated cake. Yes, that's supposed to be Elmo. I think I'll stick to stitching.

Erin's "personal" cake. Both cakes were applesauce cake, and they came out yummy.

The aftermath...

Somebody liked cake, but was clearly ready for bed!


Anonymous said...

Your Erin is absolutely adorable! Are her medical problems behind you? In re "Blessing": I think you are going to be happier with it if you bite the bullet and fill in the flowers and put in the bushes :>} Ellen

Annie Bee said...

How adorable is that little cutie and you did a great job of the cake.
Your sampler is beautiful

Edy said...


Edy said...

Oh...and I agree that you need something at the bottom of your gorgeous sampler.

MeganH said...

Gods, has it been a year already?
I thought that was a very recognisable Elmo! Except, isn't he blue? You would have seen him a lot more recently than me tho *grin*

I vote for NOT filling in the flowers. I think they make a good contrast with the filled in ones on the sides. There are plenty of small 'figurines' around the flowers to balance the detail.
And you can't really balance detail anyway - you've got a wacking great area of totally filled in embroidery (ie the house) at the top of the sampler.

I think it really comes down to personal choice, not a design decision and that's why you are having trouble deciding. Maybe you should not look at it at all for several days (put it away somewhere) and then take it out, and follow your instinct when you first set eyes on it again. Your guts should know by then.

Katrina said...

Happy birthday to Erin, she's just adorable.

If it were me I'd put the other elements in, but that's just me :-).

MeganH said...

Re sampler bars on my own blog - just repeat here - "oh, Jeanne - thankyou for use of your brain!

Shall do."

Anonymous said...

Your sampler is gorgeous as it - but I can also see how it would look good with the sections filled in ... I'm no use am I? LOL. Either way it's gorgeous :) Happy birthday to Erin.

Terri said...

Great stitching Happy Birthday Erin and your cake does look like Elmo :)