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Saturday, January 9, 2010

An "Odds and Ends" Sale

A little over a year ago, Jane Zimmerman started her website. Jane is known for teaching wonderful canvas and historical pieces at national seminars. Over the past year, Jane has been making some of her past class pieces available through her website, offering a few each quarter.

This quarter (Jan-Mar 2010), she's doing things a bit differently. Rather than offering a few instruction booklets for the duration of the quarter, she's cleaning up. She has extras of some of the instructions from the pieces offered over the past year, and is selling them at reduced prices. Be aware that the sale is first-come, first-served, and she has limited quantities of the charts. In fact, the sale just started Thursday, and some are sold out already!

Jane will be changing the selection of charts approximately every 2-3 weeks throughout the quarter, so if you don't see anything you'd like now, be sure to check back!

Erin update: Tooth #3 is in!

Reminder: Please vote for Erin in our local paper's baby contest. Voting ends tomorrow, Sunday, January 10.

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