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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Another Little Something I Started...

With so few posts this year, it’s easy to find something to write about these days. When all else fails, talk about a project not previously shared!

This past spring, Jane Zimmerman offered her former seminar class project, A Garden of Babylon, as an online course with Shining Needle Society. I liked the design, but I was also intrigued by a line in Jane’s description, which states that the class “explores both historical techniques of silk and metal thread embroidery through the ages.”

Of course, I couldn’t just stitch the project using either colorway proposed by Jane. I wanted to soften it up a little, so I decided to go to silver threads rather than gold.

Here is the beginning of my A Garden of Babylon. It is stitched on gray 18-count canvas using a variety of silk threads and Kreinik braids.

GardenOfBabylon 22Nov2011

What do you think? I obviously still have a bit to go on this. Maybe I’ll be able to finish it up next year.


Denise said...

Every project you blog about is AMAZING. It's beautiful!

Jeanne said...

Thanks, Denise!