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Monday, November 14, 2011

A Stitch in Time: Reticello 1

Since I’m currently plodding away on lots of four-sided stitch on Ruskin Garden Square and don’t have much to share on that front, I hope you might be interested in one of my finished projects with a very similar type of needle lace.

Reticello 1 was designed by Diane Clements and was featured as the first of three reticello/reticella pieces in the (unfortunately now defunct) magazine The Needleworker in June/July 1999.


In this project, the edges of the center square were reinforced, then stitched all the way around with buttonhole stitch. The center square was then cut completely away. After basting the fabric to a laminated pattern, I added the horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines, stitched over them, and then stitched the remaining shapes off of these lines. If I recall correctly, the project really wasn’t too difficult to stitch, but it took quite a while! The trickiest part was getting all of those triangles to have approximately the same tension so they came out the same size.


I did have great plans to stitch the remaining pieces in the series, as well as another project featured in the Winter 2001 Fine Lines from the same designer. It just hasn’t happened yet! Smile

Have you tried any reticella work? How did it turn out? We’d love to see pictures!


nina said...

i have a serious obsession with reticella!so good to know it isn't that hard to do, though your difficult and my difficult are worlds apart!!

Wendy said...

This is beautiful. I've never seen Reticello "in real life", I mean stitched by a blogger... I'm not completely sure I know what it is!

varmajacquelyn said...

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