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Sunday, January 13, 2008

GCC panic setting in...

I knew it couldn't last. Here I was, enjoying my progress on Winds of Color, when I received a text for a group correspondence course in the mail. (I'm a member of the EGA online chapter, CyberStitchers, so I receive my GCC instructions for projects with this chapter via USPS.)

Wait a minute - don't I already have instructions for two other GCCs waiting to be started? Ummm.... when are they due? Uh oh, one's due mid-April. How big is it? AAAACK! It's a 6"x19" band sampler on 32ct linen. But I can't start anything now - I have three more projects to finish first! I don't want to cheat on my challenge!

I don't have many small projects left, so I don't really want to finish them all up now. I may need to finish them on a future challenge with a future time crunch. (How's that for weird logic?) A consultation with the WIP list showed me a Mill Hill sampler that was started over 8 years ago. I only had four and a half bands to go, and since most of the beads are attached with a half-cross stitch, it should be quick.

After working on this yesterday and today, I've only got three bands left, plus adding all of the larger charms. Here is Mill Hill's Treasured Snowflakes and Trees. I'm putting my Bead Blanket Sampler to use for the first time. That's the rectangle at the bottom of the picture. (It works really well keeping all the beads under control - unless a long-nosed greyhound knocks it off the arm of my chair and I have to spend 10 minutes with a flashlight pulling beads out of the carpet because I need about 20 beads to finish a band and the box for that color of bead is empty. Ask me how I know.)

So, Winds of Color is sidelined again. Does that surprise anybody? It seems I can't work on one large piece for more than a week at a time!

In case you're wondering, the GCC I need to start is Pat Krahn's To The Acorn. I did take the pattern to the LNS to pull colors, and ended up changing everything. Here's my floss toss. The palette is based off of the variegated thread: Waterlilies 220 - Cheyenne.

1 comment:

Cindy said...

You are making great progress :)

I resisted signing up for any more GCCs this year. I still have a couple that I never started, and one that had a feeble start. I can't even start to mention the seminar projects that I need to finish up, too!

Enjoy what you are working on, and everything will be okay :)