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Monday, January 28, 2008

WIP-loss Challenge: Round 2

I've started a new piece, and I'm off on round 2 of the WIP-loss challenge. I'm changing the rules a bit for this round. This time, I'm going to finish at least 3 before starting another. The "at least" portion is described in Rule #2.

The rules for this round are:

  1. Continue to have fun!
  2. The "to be finished" list must include my new start (To the Acorn) and Winds of Color. At least one other small item must be finished, but the challenge won't be over until these two larger pieces are done.
  3. The term finished means the completion of stitching. It does not mean the completed item must be framed or otherwise made into a useful item.
  4. While selling, giving away, or trashing unwanted UFOs may reduce the total pile, they don't count toward the total finished.
  5. Exceptions are allowed, if declared up-front. These pieces don't count for starting or finishing. Here are my exceptions:
    • the Jim Wurth dodecagon ornament series
    • gift stitching for a special occasion or for a Quaker exchange
    • the class projects to be taught by Marion Scoular when she visits area EGA chapters in April**
    • any GCC that I'm starting to panic about finishing on time to send in for evaluation. I can foresee at least one of these, but it's due after To the Acorn, so I hope I don't have to use this exception.
Does anyone want to join me for this round? Feel free to adapt these rules to fit your situation. Hopefully this round won't take me another 5+ months.

**Edited to add the projects from Marion Scoular. I'm the one setting up one of the classes, yet I forgot to make this an exemption! :-)


Karoline said...

Good luck with Round 2

Elisabeth Braun said...

You know, I find it scary how many WIPs some have. I've seen lists in people's newsgroup sig lines that are way longer than their postings and one lady told me she'd never finished anything in her life! You keep up the good work! Go string!=)