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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Stitch in today + great customer service

Today I went to a gathering of local stitchers & knitters. Approximately 37 of us gathered in a banquet room at a local hotel for a buffet breakfast and a day of our textile medium of choice. I've attended similar events with the same group before, and we always have a good time.

Since I just finished one project, I brought a few more WIPs with me. I spent a bit of time on a piece that uses Japanese flat silk, until I got completely frustrated with the silk catching on my winter-rough hands.

For a complete change of pace, I pulled out a wool felt project from Elizabeth Talledo of FingerWork / Dames of the Needle. The project is called Strawberry Purse. Prior to today, I had only cut all the pieces of felt to size and put them in place. Today I spent just a few hours on it, and had it all but finished before we left the hotel. It was so much fun! Unfortunately, I ran out of one of the threads in the kit.

Shortly after I returned home, I went to the Dames of the Needle website to find Elizabeth's email address. I sent her a note explaining about running out of thread and asking where I might be able to find more. Within 5 minutes (!), she replied, thanking me for letting her know so she could increase the amount in the kits, and apologizing. She will be sending me extra thread early next week. Bravo, Elizabeth, for great customer service!!! I love when designers care enough to go the extra mile.

Once I receive the thread, it should take me no more than 30 minutes to finish this up. In the meantime, I'll be making cording to attach as a strap. Here's the purse so far.

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