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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Some ground work

I've been making some slow progress on Winds of Color. The trees are all done, and I've moved on to the ground on the right side. The rambling dividing line between the darkest blue and the lavender/blue tweeded area (on the right side) will get some over-stitching eventually to become a river.

Our ANG meeting tonight promises to be fun. Each member will be bringing in two or three UFOs, started at least a year ago (except for one member who is way too organized and seems to finish everything in a timely fashion, but we love her anyway). The group will be voting to assign which UFO each person should finish this year.

For example, I'm bringing in Winds of Color, Scottlee, and Wheels of Color. They'll select one, and I'll be assigned to finish it in 2008. If I do not finish it by the December meeting, I have to add $10 to the chapter's education fund. If I do finish, my name goes into a drawing for a $25 gift certificate to the LNS. Since I really want to finish all three of these this year, I really don't care which they pick, but their choice will probably see more dedicated stitching time in the next few months.

1 comment:

Kathryn said...

What a great idea to get some UFOs back in the stitching rotation. Personally I would vote on the Scottlee, but all of them will be beautiful when they are finished.