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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Happy Dance: Camelot

The second attempt at stitching the center of Camelot was successful! This is such a cool stitch.

One of the best things about canvas is its ability to hold up to stitches like this. While this stitch could be done on a softer ground fabric like linen, the fabric would likely buckle. If you're intrigued by canvaswork, you might start with a freebie like the one I linked to in the last post or those on Rainbow Gallery's site.

Thanks again to Jim Wurth for another great design. Camelot is #9 in Jim's dodecagon series. It's good to finish another piece!* My stitching focus has now returned to Winds of Color. I'll probably pick up one of my other linen WIPs to alternate with this when I need a change of pace.

Pierrette asked how I was going to frame To the Acorn. I really don't know right now, but it doesn't matter, anyway. I'm taking this GCC through the CyberStitchers chapter of EGA, and it's due to be sent in for critique by mid-April. I can't frame it until it is returned. Then I'll probably take it in to my LNS. The owner has a real gift for helping customers make appropriate framing choices.

* Since this series is one of the exemptions to my WIP-loss challenge, the finish doesn't count against the challenge.


tkdchick said...

Wow! That's just amazing!!!!!!

Karoline said...

Congratulations both Camelot and To the Acorn are gorgeous.

Mary Corbet said...

WOW! Nice work!! This is really pretty!

Did you notice that it looks kind of 3-D wavy? I think it's the shape of the piece and the gradation of color. (Or maybe it's just me!)

Beautiful job!

Elisabeth Braun said...

That looks good, well done! The cnetre stitch looks almost fiendish - no wonder it took 2 goes!

Melissa said...

Your Camelot looks amazing, Jeanne! I find myself being drawn more and more into canvaswork lately, so I always love seeing what others are working on, too. :-)