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Friday, March 21, 2008

Improved color transition

In my post last Sunday (has it really been that long?), I mentioned that I didn't like the color transitions in the right side of the scarf on Winds of Color. I didn't like the compensation I was using. Here's how it looked:See all of those itty bitty stitches along the line where the color changed? They broke up the repeat of the stitch pattern. It looked awkward, plus it was nearly impossible to continue the stitch sequence on the left side of the transition.

A bit of ripping ensued. I then restitched the transition without breaking up any of the stitch pattern. The result: Even though the color transition is a bit more chopped up when observed closely, when you take a step back, it flows better because the stitches themselves aren't split up between colors. (i.e. I'm not breaking up an over-two stitch into two separate over-one stitches in two different colors.) This looks much better and it's easier to keep the stitch pattern going.

The lady is slowly progressing!


Cross Stitch Fan said...

Lovely Detail and very nice stitching! Your pictures are great. Thanks for offering such a nice blog. I will recommend you to folks looking for help with their stitching techniques.

Jane said...

Well done with this change, I think it works very well now you've re-stitched it. Difficult sometimes isn't it to judge colour changes.

Hope the rest of the stitching goes as well.

Karoline said...

She's looking lovely, the re-vamped colour changes look much better.

tkdchick said...

loomking lovely

Lelia said...

oh,yes, I agree -- it is lovely!! Good choice to rip & re-do.

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Club said...

This is very interesting to me, Jeanne. I'll keep your experience in mind when blending color changes myself. It's nice to know that you can do a change with full stitches and it works out well.
Jane/Chilly Hollow