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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Mini stitch retreat & Camelot progress

Today was the day scheduled for our local annual "March Madness" one-day stitch getaway at a local hotel. (Ok, so it's the same group that met in January for a similar get-together, but previously it's only been once a year!) Yesterday afternoon and evening the weather forecast was for 4 to 10" of snow & ice. Luckily, we fell on the short end of that, so while the roads were pretty slippery in the travel across town, they were passable, and we had a fun day of stitching, gabbing, and admiring each other's work.

I had great hopes of finishing Camelot during today's event, and almost accomplished it. The final step was a Double Fan Doubled, a stitch invented by Jean Hilton. (Carole Lake uses a variation of this stitch in a freebie pattern on her site, and describes the stitch well, so I won't try it here!) Unfortunately, in rushing to finish this before leaving, I didn't quite get the first part of the stitch centered or tensioned correctly, so it ended up lopsided. I frogged it when I got home.

I hope to post that this is finished tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

I"m from western ny york too! I love your work!

tkdchick said...

wow! That "almost" makes me want to try canvaswork!