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Friday, May 2, 2008

It's getting breezy around here...

Well, after working intently on Cinders for a week, I had to push her to the side for a bit. Winds of Color was calling again from the WIP pile.

Yes, Jocelyn, your favorite lady is back on the top of the pile! (If anyone wants a smile, check out Jocelyn's LOL comment on my goals post, begging for Winds to be finished.) I had actually already resumed stitching on this before my post yesterday. Finally, all of the outline stitch on the right side is done, and the satin stitch of the dress is working up quickly. There's a bit more outline stitch as the lower scarf drifts off to the sky on the left side. The hair will be done entirely in french knots (and I actually like french knots!). The last touches will be a few things added on top of the existing stitching, though I can't recall the details right now.


Cindy said...

I am really enjoying watching your progress on this piece!

I'm a canvaswork rookie, so it is so interesting to see all of the different stitches and the impact on shading.

Elisabeth Braun said...

Nice work! Lovely and colourful.

I didn't dare do a re-cap and goals post as there's so little to post about!

Karoline said...

She's looking gorgeous, great progress

Anonymous said...

Jeanne, she makes me so happy! I don't know, there is just something about this piece that makes me feel happy. Her clothing is perfect - I love the colours. I had been wondering what colour they would be, hoping for something bright against the greys on the left side. The designer of the piece was inspired, but of course it is the stitcher that brings it all to life, isn't it! (Was that the right thing to say? LOL) Not much to go now - I wonder what colour her hair will be? And hey - I like doing french knots too.
And thanks for nudging her up above Cinders.

Pam said...

This is gorgeous!! I haven't done canvas work in a long time -- it's making me itch to get back to it!!