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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Old Country progress

Just a quick note before I head off to work. I'm making good progress on Jim Wurth's Old Country! This is a fun piece. I love all of the large stitches that are quick to do but add a lot of interest.


Kathy A. said...

very pretty - I love all the colors and sparkles

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Very interesting design. When I enlarged the photo I saw all the metallic details. Bet it is great in person!

I really love this Jim Wurth series. Not enough to stitch it, mind, but I can't wait until they are all done and you parade them past our admiring eyes.


Karoline said...

It's looking gorgeous, great progress

Cyn said...

Hi Jeanne,

You have an electric needle on this one! It's really coming along.

The colors are very deep and rich. I'm enjoying watching your progress.

I'm going to have to add these to my wish list! :-)

Windy Meadwo

NCPat said...

Very nice! You are certainly moving quickly on it!