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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Most of a dress

Winds of Color is getting there!

As I mentioned on Friday, the dress is working up quickly. However, I want to take a bit out. The rose-colored sections in the dress are the DMC 600 series. I think the some of the skeins in my kit are a bit faded, since the transition to light pink happened a bit too fast. The bright pink section on the left hip is DMC 602, and above that is 603, 604, and 605. There seemed to be too much of a jump between 602 and 603. A glance at my DMC color card confirms that these colors (603-605) are not quite right in my kit.

So, when I next sit down with this, I'll be ripping out at least the top three stitched sections of the dress. That might not happen for a while, though. Our ANG meeting is next Wednesday (5/14), and I'm supposed to be leading the group starting Mystery in a Corner by Gay Ann Rogers. I guess that means I should have a good portion of it done by then! :-)


Kathryn said...

Those flame colored section on the right are just gorgeous.

Jane said...

This is looking fabulous. Although I'm not a fan of pink, I quite like the colour change from dark to light pink, it's as though her bodice is made from a different colour fabric. I suppose it's one of those times when you have to apply the "Can you live with it?" rule, and if you can't out it comes.

Terry said...

This is really pretty and you are making a good job of it, it looks as if it will not take you long to complete