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Sunday, June 1, 2008

May recap & June goals

May was a fairly productive month for me. My goals were:

  • Keep blogging, aiming for 3-4 posts per week. 11 posts / 31 days = average 2.5 /week.
  • Finish Cinders. Nope. I didn't even pick it up this month.
  • Finish Winds of Color. Yes!
  • Start Mystery in a Corner (especially since I have to lead the project at my ANG meeting on 5/14). Yes!
  • Start the next Jim Wurth piece, if it arrives early enough in the month. I started and finished Old Country!
I also started and finished my exchange piece for the Quaker Quarterly Exhange on the Legacy board. I'm putting it in the mail tomorrow, and will share pictures as soon as it's been received!

For June, here are my goals:
  • Keep blogging, aiming for 3-4 posts per week.
  • Finish Cinders.
  • Finish Part 1 of Mystery in a Corner.
  • Work on WIPs.
  • Maybe start one of the GCC's that will be due this fall.
I've been feeling like I'm stitching for deadlines a lot recently. I want to slow down a bit, stitch on what I want to do, and enjoy it. That's why my goals are pretty vague this month.

1 comment:

Cyn said...

Hi Jeanne,

You accomplished a lot in the Merry Month of May!

I'm looking forward to your postings on Mystery in a Corner (and your other projects).

I just ordered Mystery in a Corner from Gay Ann but I know I won't be able to start it for a while.

Did you order any of the packaged colors or did you select your own? If you selected your own, please share with us which ones and why.

I'll probably select my own colors though several of the color combinations were beautiful!

Windy Meadow