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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Mystery Part I complete

I've finally finished part I of Mystery in a Corner by Gay Ann Rogers.
In response to Cynthia's comment on the last post, I did not use one of the color groupings shown on Gay Ann's blog. My LNS carries the threads needed, so I picked colors there. I was looking for colors I don't usually use, and really liked the colors in Ruby Watercolours. My trial and error efforts with the metallics are described in previous posts (here and here).

I'll list the specific colors tonight or tomorrow. I'm on my lunch break at work and don't have them here. Here are the colors I'm using:

  • canvas: French Blue
  • Watercolors: Ruby
  • Kreinik #16 & #8 braid: 012HL & 001
  • Impressions: 6044
  • DMC pearl cotton #5: 814
On a completely off-topic note: if you like musical theater and Wicked is coming to a town near you, RUN, don't walk, for tickets. I saw it Tuesday night, and it is fantastic! As soon as I got home, I bought the album from iTunes, and I've listened to it a couple of times already! I'm tempted to see the show again before it leaves town, but I think it's sold out. Oh, and I was originally hesitant to see it because I didn't enjoy the book that much. I was somewhat surprised to find that the play was almost a completely different (and certainly much simplified) story than the book.


tintocktap said...

Your Mystery in a Corner looks fantastic! Love your colours too. I just sorted out my threads and got started on mine this week.

Milly~ said...

What gorgeous stitching!